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High School Senior Season has begun…..Karen McConaughey Photography, Cypress Texas.

The class of 2017 Senior Season officially kicked off  in July and yes, I am just now getting some time in the studio to post some previews!

These past years, we have been so busy just keeping our heads above water that this poor blog hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves- which is featuring these amazing clients of mine! So today, marks a promise to start to be better.

Mr. Mason Woods is a State wide trumpet player and is part of the CyRanch High School graduating class of 2017.

Like most boys he came into the studio on the love of his mama’s coattails! However, like most boys, once they realize I am not a formal portrait photographer who is going to set up the numbers on a white backdrop, they sort of start to relax. During the shoot, I can’t explain it but there is just an ease, sense of comfort that comes across and they actually start to come up with ideas on their own. Mason worked on his school’s yearbook staff, capturing images of high school like so he was more than willing and happy to abide my creative juices beyond just the formal senior pose.

It was a great time to just hang out and capture this young man, whom I know we will be hearing lots from in the future!

Good Luck Mason!


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