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It’s a little bit funny….this feeling inside. Karen McConaughey Photography Cypress, Texas.

The Callaway clan and I met up right before the cold weather rushed in this season. In fact the first date we had it literally started to pour down rain minutes before our photo shoot. The very next day at the same time, the sun was warm and the breeze was cool- Mother Nature certainly delivered!

There’s a place between smiling and relaxed, that’s where I find the most beauty. Looking at these three connect so naturally was like watching my three. They are almost identical in ages to mine, except Chloe is a few years older than Anna Grace. These two older brothers get their sister. They give her space but also know how to make her grin in her own way. They will be better people and spouses because of her. It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside- I know right when it’s about to happen and I am so freggin happy I get to be there to capture it

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