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Baby, it’s cold outside….The Sterns Family; Cypress, Texas Karen McConaughey Photography

It’s probably no secret that I don’t advertise. It’s probably also no secret that over 85% of the shoots I do and clients I work with are never even featured on this website or any social media page. For years, this would bother me, as if I wasn’t doing my job properly or keeping up with the trends. And then, about my fifth or sixth year, maybe later…I came to realize, I am doing exactly what I want to be doing.

I love working with people.

Love putting them in environments that they can feel comfortable and just be themselves. It’s not easy being in front of a lens, much less thinking about what you look like, what to do with my hands and oh my goodness….what are these images going to look like? Whew….that’s a lot! There is no way I can earthly explain this to someone who just cold calls me from my website or maybe even someone who has known me in the community but has never done a photo shoot with me. That in fact, probably most of what is shown on social media isn’t real or much less inspires you to go out and get your photos done. The most important thing is telling your story in a way that is true, authentic and has images that takes you back to that time, that chapter and you can recall exactly what it was like. To do this, to create these types of images there has to be a relationship there. A level of trust that says, ok, if I do this…I am putting my family in your hands. And money. And time. And all the work that goes into thinking about wardrobe, coordinating schedules, etc. That in the end, we will have these timeless, classic images that I am so happy with.

The best part and I do mean full on adrenaline rush is when the clients see their images for the first time! Now…. I know they like me and all….but I am not quite sure they really, really understood how beautiful they are or what it looks like from the other side of the lens, when you just let your guard down and connect with your people. When faith kicks in and you just breathe…..forget about all the other stuff and squeeze your clan…enjoying the moment!

The Sterns family not only took this leap of faith with me but ended up shooting  on one of the colder days of the new year. Simply put, the were wonderful! The whole Sterns clan are the easiest, most laid back family whom I was lucky to hang out with– we ended up with lots of raised eyebrows & giggles! Wade & Kim are naturals and were great role models for both of their kids; Reese and Ryne. And let me just make a public service announcement to say that Ryne Sterns was above & beyond not only a gentlemen but so connected, so-not-your-typical-teenager-boy that I was overwhelmed with gratitude for his prescense and great attitude. It isn’t too often this target group gets compliments so I had to make a shout out to Wade & Kim- great work!

Below are just a few little sneak peeks of what we have been playing with in the Studio this week!

Stay tuned as we also did Reese’s Senior shoot which was nothing short of stunning- this young lady rocked the camera and it the epitome of style & grace!

Love ya Stern Clan!

Cypress Houston Dallas Texas Premiere Senior Portrait Photographer: Cypress Senior Photography Cypress Houston Dallas Texas Premiere Senior Portrait Photographer: Cypress Senior Photography Cypress Houston Dallas Texas Premiere Senior Portrait Photographer: Cypress Senior Photography

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