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  • Owen Family

    To be with The Owens is to have a blast! They work hard and play hard and love to share their fun life with their friends (which I am sooo happy to be one of!) These troopers endured a very hot and sticky afternoon photo shoot with such grace and poise!  

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  • Lucas Eli


  • Faulk Family; Cypress, Tx

    Meet the Faulks. I wish you could. Really!

  • Meinardus Family; Cypress,TX

    Meet the Meinardus Family. Say it with me "my-nar-dus." They are worth the right pronunciation! What a beautiful blue-eyed bunch, right?!

  • Crowder Family Cypress,TX

       Spending time with the Crowders is always a treat. And now that that Baby Ezra has arrived there is even more sugar! There is nothing better than capturing a family as lively and lovely and this one.

  • Weaver Family; Coles Crossing in Cypress, Texas

    About 5 months after my Mom said it was OK to have her grandchildren without a husband, I met Greg. I was already in my early 30's, so I was mostly ready to settle down. We met on a June Friday evening at Friday's.

  • The Haubein Family; Cypress, Texas

    Everyday moments. No matter what is going on in our lives, it is the everyday moments that can really stop you in your tracks, and just breathe in what is right in front of you. A whole bunch of blessings.

  • Hackett Family

    Our family has never had a professional photo session before so we were really excited for this adventure and our experience with Karen McConaughey Photography did not disappoint. From the very beginning, our kids felt at ease with Karen and I feel like she caught their real expressions. Because our family was so comfortable and able to be ourselves, Karen captured photos without us even knowing that truly showcased us.

  • Honey Family; Houston, Texas

      On our sons first birthday we had a small party for him. It was mostly family but he was scared, overwhelmed and cried the entire time. He and I spent most of the time outside in the rain away from our guests.

  • Hoang Family


  • Ms. Leela Evangeline Patel

    Meet Ms. Leela. Probably the most hair I have ever seen on a sweet baby girl.

  • Mrs. Linh Perez | Corporate Headshots

    You know those girlfriends who will tell you that a particular piece of clothing isn't that flattering? Or that a change in perspective would make a world of difference than blaming every other preson in the world? Or maybe that is was time to get up off your biscuits and stop whining and start designing the life your were intended to live?

  • Terra

     Meet Mrs. Terra Bohlmann. Marketing Strategist.

  • Mrs. Mari Carrasco Headshots ; Owner of Bellasol Airbrush Tans

    Luminous Glow. Natural Elegance. Mari Bellasol is a natural, organic airbrush artist that provides both mobile (in-home/in-office) and in-studio services.

  • Delph Family


  • Velazquez Family, The Bridgelands

    "A baby girl is one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today." - Unknown Probably one of the best parts about my job is my clients.  They become like old friends, like family. The changes life brings, the kids grow, milestones are met and we are there, together...capturing the here, the now. It is simply by far the best part about photography.

  • Shawn, Paige and Cassady O'Fallon; Cypress, Texas

    Even after 15+ years of living in Texas, I am still asked, "Where are you from?" I just giggle now and say, "St. Louis, Mo. Why do you ask?" Or they have actually read the bio information on my website and are excited to tell me a good ol' Cardinals story or they actually have roots from there!

  • Hawthorn Clan, Tomball, Texas

    Living in the community of Cypress, interactions with families can span years as the kids just continue to grow up and move from one season to the next! I first met the Hawthorn family when my #2, Brockton was attending the Woods school and we started to carpool with Lauren, who at the time was 4 years old like Brockton. time flies!

  • Christian Lopez

    Meet Mr. Christian Lopez. Sweet, Sweet young gentlemen who will be gracing the campus of Texas Tech this Fall.

  • Patricia and Jenny


  • McKenzie Hall


  • Kyle Regitz, Tomball High School

    The beauty of this world often stops me dead in my tracks. I hope I never forget to keep looking for it... I've know Mrs.

  • Wutkewicz Kids; Tomball, Texas

    Another great new family! Meet Mirko and Adriana Wutkewicz and their sweet kiddos! Funny story.

  • Jaycie Scott, Waller High School

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Jaycie Scott. One of the sweetest, kindest, toughest cowgirls I have ever met. Growing up in Waller, Texas Jaycie is the youngest of three.

  • Audrey Elizabeth Gaudette, Cy-Ranch High School

    Meet Audrey.  Audrey Elizabeth Gaudette. Hands down one of the most creative, inspiring and heart felt photo shoots I have ever had the honor of being  part of. Born into a military family in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

  • Harris Kids; Copperfield, Texas

    Once upon a time, long, long time ago, I actually worked in the Corporate world. Not just any Corporation but a very large Oil and Gas service company, that starts with an H and ends with an N. During my tenure there, I was very fortunate to work some pretty cool peeps.

  • Mini Session, Andrea and Mia Smith; Tomball, Texas

    Yowzers! (Might have just made up that word!) We have been in full speed mode this Spring season with Seniors, Families, Newborns and we managed to even fit in some mini sessions out at an old hardware store! Love the mini sessions as they really provide a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new families, kids and just hang back and have some fun!

  • Ms. Harper Quinn: Newborn

    Meet Ms. Harper Quinn Corbitt. You might have actually meet her already here, when we captured her mama, Amy!

  • Angela Mattingly; CyFair High School Senior

    It's definitely that time of year where all these boys and girls have decided to show us how "grown" up they are and go off and graduate high school! Such a bittersweet time but I must say I love, love working with Seniors. It's such an exciting time as this new chapter unfolds in their lives.

  • Brennan Kiely, One Year old!

    This isn't the first time that Ms. Brennan Kiely has blessed this blog. You can check her newborn shoot + her two older brothers out here....

  • Custom Holiday Cards | Twenty12

      Wow-weeee! We have been bursting with Holiday photo shoots and "YES!" it is said every year at this time but this has been our largest season to date, both in the category of volume and FUN! This season we have decided to offer FREE custom Holiday Cards designs to each of our beloved families!

  • Three Amigos; CyFair High School Senior Shoot

    I love boys. Well, let me explain. I love capturing boys on film.

  • McDougald Kids; Tomball, Texas

    Fun Fact: More times than not, I am capturing a new client during the week than a previous one. Now let's be real, I love, love my clients. All of them.

  • Jacqueline Makovy; CyFair High School Senior

    Living in Cypress for the past fifteen years + my husband growing up here has meant that pretty much everywhere I go, or anytime a new client calls there is some "kevin bacon" link back to the McConaughey Family. For instance, Jacqueline Makovy. Sweet, Classy, genuine young lady!

  • Katherine McCullin, CyFair Homecoming


  • McCormick Family; Cypress, Texas

    Meet McCormick Family. Originally from Montana, they relocated here to the great state of Texas! With a set of sweet twin girls and a little boy on the way, now was the perfect time to capture their growing family.

  • Sydney Garcia, Tomball High School

    Meet Ms. Sydney Garcia. Her mama, Teresa Garcia might do you hair!

  • Callie Orr, CyWoods High School + A little Family!

    Meet The Orr Family.  Seriously, one of the most down-to-earth authentic families I have ever met! Known them for a couple of years as Callie was William's "croc buddy" his first year on the Coles Crossing Swim team. What a wonderful treat that was as she totally just understood him and made his first summer amazing!Callie and her sister have been swimming on team since it's very first season!

  • Kirsten Mamaux, Cypress Ranch High School

    Wozers! Having a great location can serve so many advantages as a photographer. Obviously, you get to know all the groundwork, poses, lighting like the back of your hand.

  • Mac Scherer, Cypress Creek High School

    Like most Senior boys, Mac made his way to my studio on the love for his mama. Like most mama's of boys, Rhonda Scherer wanted her son to have a great Senior shoot experience, while capturing some authentic images of her son at this time in his life. Now let me tell ya, Rhonda Scherer knows how to raise boys!

  • Brennan Kiely, Nine Months Old

    Baby Brennan is back! And she is Nine months old already....goodness gracious, where does the time fly? This shoot was so easy, Christy was totally prepared with some really cute outfits and of course, we had to capture the Halloween costumes as well!

  • Amy Corbitt, Maternity Cypress, Texas

    Not sure if it's because it's spring time and this was literally the first day in forever that the temperature wasn't close to 100 degrees but I've been getting lots and lots of tummies in front of my camera! Some of us mama's are reluctant to have our bodies photographed when we feel like....well...we just aren't at our best (!) but i'll tell ya something.....I know looking back over the years our children are not going to notice chubby arms or double chins. They will have authentic im...

  • New packaging...Same Love.

    Lots of excitement in the studio today as we opened up boxes and boxes of new packaging materials! Our Fall collection includes so many new products and designs that we also upgraded our packaging! While we have loved customizing every session with a client DVD, these sweet little USB drives can deliver a whole lot of love as well, while supplying our clients with a really cool storage device that they can put on their key chains!

  • Newsletter Signup Free 24x36 Canvas for BOOKING today!

      Free 24x36 Canvas for BOOKING today! Well, Well...Hello! Can you believe it's time to go back to school already?

  • Girls on the Run 5K Event; Houston, Texas

    (photo taken by Allison Despres, mama to Sophie Despres, a GOTR!) Every year, my team (well, Cari Cephus + a few others occasionally) and I have the honor of capturing the Girls on the Run Greater Houston 5K event. Here's a little bit about the awesome organization: Girls on the Run is an international after school program for girls in 3rd – 5th grade that uses the power of running to help prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. Through interactive activities such as run...

  • Mother's Day means a "sweet mama" special!

    For one week only, Karen McConaughey Photography is offering a "Sweet Mama" reduction in photography services and products! You can totally score with the lady of the house with these amazing specials. Look quickly below and check out some top sellers and favorites.

  • Everyday McConaughey

    *From Alena's poetry prints Been doing some soulful thinking lately or rather taking small "pauses" in the constant noise that seems to be amongst me all the time. Wondering about my life, and I was trying to figure out how I got to where I am today, and how is it that good things have happened to me in spite of all the hard times…and most of all am I grateful enough? See, um, I am a worrier.

  • The Kiely Family; Cypress, TX.

    Sweet, Sweet Kiely Family. Loved Christy from the moment we first chatted on the phone. We had an instant connection and lots of giggles when we found out that both of us had TWO boys and then boom!

  • Blackburn Boys and their sweet, sweet mama

    Long overdue post. Actually there are 75+ families and shoots that have yet to be featured on this blog. Slowly but surely I am getting them all posted, starting with this very special one.

  • Meet Katherine Shappley!

    So sweet when you get to see these little ones grow over the course of a year! Meet Katherine. Baby sister to the Shappley brothers.

  • The Longoria Family; Cypress, Texas

    Over the past five years I have been honored and blessed to have worked with some pretty amazing people.  Many say that to truly know a person's heart, witness them in a personal crisis. Well, a couple months ago Anna Grace's closet fell on top of her and I (crazy, I know!) and knocked one of my front teeth out and cut my upper lip pretty bad. I was in complete shock and totally freaked out!

  • The Shappley Family; Will, Rebecca, William and Thomas +1

    So much to share, so little time to get it all ready! Lots and Lots of shoots lately, my busiest season to date!  Meet Will, Rebecca, William and Thomas Shappley! Super sweet family that was totally game for fun and lots and lots of giggles!

  • Marcus, Lisa and Tucker (+1) Purcell Lone Wolf, OK.

    As a professional photographer, I am always on the lookout for cool, sweet-mama-fly spots, backdrops, locations with different textures, all areas where my clients can kick back, relax and just have some good ol' fun! Well, this past weekend, I hit the jackpot! My husband's Aunt and Uncle live in the mountains of Oklahoma (yes, Oklahoma has mountains and in fact they are older than the Rockies.) Whenever I think of needing a place to go to relax, unwind, get awesome sleep and just have a good ti...

  • The Johnson Family, Houston, Texas

    Coming home from a shoot, there is always an adrenaline rush- let me just stop here and say, "I simple ADORE my job!" Whether I am meeting a new client or hooking back up with an existing one, I am like a kid in a candy shop. The hard work is done- shopping, coordinating, planning, getting everyone to the shoot in one piece, Now it's time to just kick back and have some fun! Gosh, I have had some sensational shoots this Fall season- bunches and bunches of new families to meet, get to know, becom...

  • Greaves Family, Cypress Texas

    Capturing the Greaves Family this Fall was a total blast and bittersweet all at the same time. The two brothers are exactly the same age difference as my two boys and the entire shoot I kept feeling my throat tighten as I kept imagining what William and Brockton would be like at their age. Would they still love their mama like these boys do?

  • Brian Lawrie, CyWoods High School

    Meet Brian Lawrie. Some would say he looks like a young Tom Cruise. Brian is one of those all American guys who really doesn't like to be the center of attention , isn't loud or boisterous, at least when he is not on the basketball court I hear!

  • Mallory Grace Yoakem, Newborn Cypress, Texas

    This past week, Mallory Grace Yoakem entered this world of ours. I had the pleasure of capturing her sweet family prior to her arrival- you can read and see about that, here. Well, this sweet thing knows how to put on a show!

  • Donna and Molly Ahrendt, Mother-Daughter Cypress, Texas

    In May of 2009, Dane Sanders taught his very first session of Fast Track Photography right here in Houston. It was hosted by the amazing photographer, Christine Tremoulet in her studio in the Heights. A couple days before the event, an email popped up in my inbox from Donna Ahrendt, owner of PaperDollsPhotography.Wanna carpool?

  • Ashley Yoakem, Maternity and siblings Cypress Texas

    Ever met someone who you just instantly connected with? Well...this one time at (no! I am not going to say Band Camp!) a Coles Crossing Crocs swim meet, I met Ashley Yoakem, an amazing women who was not only in the midst of her first swim meet experience but was in charge of the whole eight and under boys ready tent!

  • Blake Dreyer, Cypress Ranch High School

    So many phone calls from mama's lately asking about getting their son's Senior Pictures! Most start off asking how it is I work with so many boys, since most of them don't like to have their picture taken anyway! I LOVE boys!

  • When in doubt, Shoot your own!

    When in doubt, grab your camera and capture your own children! Anytime is good, however especially this time of year with so many new things going on. School's back, milestones have been reached over the summer- or, it's really just another excuse to love 'em, squeeze 'em and oh and ah over how amazing the Lord has blessed you!

  • Valerie Hernandez; CyWoods High School

    Local. Going, Buying and Consuming products and services locally is a truly a belief of mine. When I first started my business, the local community of Cypress and Coles Crossing embraced me.

  • Samantha Ward; CyFair High School

    I love Seniors! I love them in that they are in such a unique time of their lives and I get just a small glimpse into it, capturing it and most of all celebrating it with them. Being a photographer, there are these moments where my heart is so full of admiration, gratitude as I realize the great honor my clients bestow on me.

  • The Hosemann Family- Cypress, Texas

    Ever have an event or day that you've worked so hard to plan, prepare to have it all go awry? Or better yet, a way that you could never imagine? I certainly have.

  • Meet Sehaj and the rest of her clan!

    Meet sweet, sweet Sehaj Kaur. And her clan; Gurjit (Mama), Rupinder (Daddy), Jujhar (Big Brother) and Bhajleen (Big sister)!  This little girl is so blessed to come into one of the sweetest families I have had the honor of working with. In fact, it was in the midst of my brother being very ill that there session was being processed.

  • Alexandra and Federico Wedding, Houston, TX.

    It was one of the moments when you find yourself stumbling to say "yes," way too soon. I couldn't seem to let her know fast enough that I completely, 100% in some instant way understood what she was envisioning for her wedding day. "This isn't going to be huge, blown out wedding." There are only going to be @ 25 people there...that includes Federico and I.

  • Webre Family; Cypress, Texas

    Meet the Webre Family. Some of you may know them through Cypress TaeKwon-Do. They are the owners and Mr.

  • Owen Simmons- Newborn; Cypress, Texas

    Meet Owen. Third out of three boys with one rockin' mama! This little dude was so sweet, so easy to work with and loved his mama even at 14 days old!

  • Carolee and Rick Wilson's Wedding; Cypress, Texas

    To be asked to capture a day in someone's life; a day that they will want to remember every detail; is not only an honor for the photographer but priceless to the person asking. This was my very FIRST wedding contract that I booked all on my own last year. I've shoot many weddings before and after this one, which I will be posting (all week) I've been a second shooter many times, even  helped other photographers out for completely FREE- but this was my first contract, all on my own.

  • 6+1 does equal 7.

    Needless to say no matter how I add it up, somehow my sweet baby boy turned seven last week, on September 3rd. Okay, I think that was the week before last. Yikes, I really am losing track of time.

  • New Line of Birth Announcements.

    One of my favorite subjects to capture are newborns. Just love them. The smell, their soft smooth new skin, their expressions.

  • Carolee & Rick's Engagement Session-Cork Cafe & Bridgelands Park-Houston, Texas

    What a blast Carolee Crawford and Rick Wilson were to hang out with and capture this very special time in their lives! Having spent some time in San Fran, Rick was quite the wine connoisseur! So in planning for the shoot, I always like to put the couples in an environment that they can relax, be comfortable in...I always say the most delicious images are captured when someone can kick off their shoes, let down their hair and just be their authentic selves.

  • Second Generation steals my heart.

    Probably one of the most significant people in my life has been my father, Bill Sharpless. Every person should have a person like my dad, somewhere in their journey. These past years he has become one of my best friends as well as an incredible influence in my two boys lives.

  • Amazing Bride + Amazing Location= pure "deliciousness"!

    Had the honor of capturing an amazing bride to be, Carolee Crawford this past weekend at Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens. The day started off with hair done by Marta Dean who owns and operates, "Magic in Motion," and makeup done by my sweet friend Stacy Okonski.  Both do amazing work and were the perfect match for Carolee! Her parents were so helpful and both worked almost as hard as I did through the shoot!

  • A mama' and her babies.

    Tara is an amazing single mother whom I've grown to love and respect dearly! These are some highlights from their photo shoot lovin'! Enjoy!

  • Now I lay me down to sleep. [NILMDTS]

    just finished my very first session with the, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," organization. swfobject.embedSWF("/flash/maddux_slideshow.swf", "flashcontent2", "561", "254", "7.0.0", "/flash/expressInstall.swf",null,{bgcolor:"ffffff",wmode:"transparent"}) // --> taken from NILMDTS website: [The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation (NILMDTS) administers a network of almost 7,000 volunteer photographers in the United States and twenty-five countries. At a family's request, a NILMDTS Affiliated Photo...

  • Yummy Photo Props.

    Part of being an artist; yes, being a photographer is an art form; is that you can't just turn it on and off. It's always with you. Like when you see old chairs in somebody's trash and your husband digs them out and brings them home for  you.

  • TaeKwon-Do boys.

    William @ 6 1/2 years old. Total Natural at the whole thing. Kid is nothing short of amazing, once again!

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